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The Girl

My name is Caroline Chudy and I am the girl behind With The Wind She Goes. I’m 21 and from a small town in northern Michigan. On one dreary day of winter, I decided I wasn’t taking the direction in life I wanted, so I quit my job and deiced I was going to travel the world. Easy, right?

It wasn’t long after that I was painting butterflies on the side of Monica my Ford E-350 van that was going to become my travel companion. I didn’t have long to work on her before winter set in, and there wasn’t much more I could do. So I sent an old friend of mine a note, saying we should plan an adventure together, go somewhere warm for the winter, and I could pick back up with the build in summer. He called me a few days later and asked if I wanted to get on a boat, and said that he owned a sailboat.

Fast forward two weeks and I was on a flight down to the US Virgin Islands with no return ticket. I spent seven months in the caribbean, went to over 40 islands, and fell in love. My partner Dylan and I have now been on many adventures together, and have many more in various states of planning.

My Passion

I am an oil painter, with an obsession for texture and color. I am currently working on my “Mariposas” series. Mariposas is Spanish for butterflies. I started this series after 5 weeks spent backpacking through Ecuador. While there I fell in love with the cloud forests in Mindo and the Amazon rainforest, after a week long stay in the jungle deep in the Cuyabeno Reserve. In both these places, anywhere you go, your destined to see butterflies everyone. There are thousands of species of butterflies in Ecuador, and I was so awestruck by the sheer number and diversity, I knew this is what I was going to paint when I got home.

If you look at a butterfly wing under a microscope you would see millions of tiny little scales which come together to make up the wing pattern. In this series I lay down hundreds and thousands of thick swatches of bright color to bring the wing patters alive in an impressionistic way.

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